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Beautiful Motherhood

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Motherhood has caused so many to ponder; how two souls can be intertwined and connected in all facets.

Apart from the pain she went through in bringing forth her little one to the world, she carries out the Divine responsibility of molding the one she calls CHILD. 

When you seek to understand love, just sit back and observe her, because after God’s her love is the purest

chinenye oba
Motherhood is special
A mother with her child

Motherhood is beautiful, admirable, lovely, sacrificial, and above all God-like.

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Mama goes through unimaginable things; she gets sick, feels cramps, grows big beyond her size, feels all sort of discomforts and at the set time, she brings forth her bundle of joy, and remains Joyous irrespective of the pains she went through.

She cuddles and helps at all times, scolds when need be, and forever carries her beloved in her heart everywhere, every time and in all situation.

She functions in doubt

She doubts herself!

Mama doubts every step of the way; she worries that she might not be giving her all or probably if she is even under-giving. She bites herself when she just wants to be left alone (just to get some sort of sanity).

In the roaring storm, she is configured to remain calm, and she does well to influence with that which she feels on her inside.

In doubt she functions, but one truth remains ‘She gives her all and stays true to her call in all her days.

Mothers are indeed the true definition of beauty.

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