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Child Development – Facts and Expectations

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The topic of Child Development should be intentionally studied for better insight into why different societies around the world are the way they are. For every human in the world was once a child, and the way at which they developed mentally and physically informs the way the society they inhabit turns out.

In time past, people just lived with children as they developed from infancy through adolescence, then to adulthood. Many of these children especially in Africa face unique challenges that they do not or cannot voice out, simply because the platform or opportunity was not given for them to find expression.

Parents/Wards on the other hand were sincerely ignorant of the fact that their children experience some unique challenges and changes, and that these changes and challenges inform who they grow up to be.

Child development involves the biological, psychological and physical changes that occur in human beings between birth and conclusion of adolescence.

Facts About Children

A key skill that people need, especially for professionals working with children, is the ability to understanding facts about children and what they experience in the stages of their development with the uniqueness thereof.

The Young Generation are the future we know

Chinenye Oba

We must of necessity quite guessing and understand how children develop competence, what role neurobiology and genetic variability play in their development, how parents and siblings affect their social and emotional adjustment as well as what role their family culture play in their development, not exempting the importance of it. We must understand and intentionally choose the values we inculcate in them, in every stage of development.

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Amazing Facts About Development In Children

Child Development does not always follow a predictable trajectory. Common disorders tend to appear at key developmental stages, from infancy through adolescence.

For instance, literacy disorder is an issue for many children at school and can have far reaching consequences in their educational progress. In this case, there ought to be an early recognition of problem by parents or educators and a viable intervention proposed which will produce optimal outcomes.

Middle childhood is a challenging time for children; at this stage, children face challenges in the area of peer relationship. School and the wider social world become ever more complex for them.

Children play an active part in shaping the environment they experience.

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Parents/Wards contribute immersely to children cognitive development. They help promote their understanding of moral value, socialize them into culturally appropriate patterns of behaviour as well as help develop their talents. Children in every place around the world require intentionalism in framing the things they value in life. They all require help to successfully pass every stage of development, whether from parents, wards, or educators.

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