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Strength has to do with the ability and capacity to withstand life’s turmoils and pressures. In this context, strength does not connote the physical ability to carry up or move around heavy things, but it has to do with the not-seen virtue of being able to contain any kind of force that crosses your path in life.

In this view, those that stand out with so much positivity, are them that have engaged their inner strength in every bit of challenge that they have gone through or are going through. They may look small in physical appearance but are giants on the inside.

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When your world seem as though all is crushing and crumbling, when no living person seem appealing to confide in and all you just want is to be in your own shell!

Strength does not mean absence of challenges

Chinenye Oba

I tell you that almost every person in the world has gone through this. In this state you hear about cases of suicide, depression and some offending things that are fruits of this condition. One feels as though he or she is the only living person facing whatever he/she is faced with. One sees only self!

And David encouraged himself in the Lord’

1 Sam 30:6

A one time King, a great Patraich was once faced with this challenge. He felt it all too; lost, emotional and the likes. No living person seemed appealing to confide in, and all he could do then was ‘encourage himself in the Lord’. Inside the shell of his mind where he hid, he encourged himself, and that is called ‘Self-reliance’.


Self-reliance in this sense means generating strength for upward push in weakness. It entails calling out strength from weakness, just like God did ‘calling light out of darkness’.

Strength generated this way will seem absolutely impossible for one in this state, but when generated and applied, it far exceeds strength generated from relying on persons outside of self.
Self-reliance is what every person should allow find expression.

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Ensuring you live a life free of depression and inner turmoil is solely the responsibility of self before any external influence. This ability must be consciously triggered and applied in almost everyday of our lives. Here are some tips on how to build and harness your inner strength:

  • Build before the rain: This means practicing how to remain calm in the midst of your day to day hurdles and retaining positivity even before a major life challenge emerges. You can start by controlling your temper no matter what and speaking positive words even when you are faced with so much negativity.
  • Confront every challenge that emerges with a winning mentality. No matter the outcome, always see yourself as the winner.
  • Create time for self meditation: Meditation is a healthy form of self-care, the act enables you to shut-out every external voices, allowing you to hear your self audibly. Meditation is an important exercise for every one who desires to live a healthy life.
  • Ensure you give yourself time to heal before trying again: Healing time is a necessary process for anyone who exudes inner strength. This time consciously accorded to self will enable you re-collect and strategies properly before trying again.

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