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Forget – There Are More Grounds To Conquer

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Forget refers to the intentional or unintentional decision to remove knowledge of something from one’s mind.
Some synonyms for ‘forget’ include: failing to recall or remember, unintentionally neglecting, omitting, or overlooking.

Sometimes, you will have to gently remind yourself to forget to cover more ground in life.

It is commonly stated that certain things can impede one’s progress in life. These things, no matter how big or small, can stymie a person’s progress in life.

We’ll look at two factors that can stymie progress for so many people. They are:

  • Past-Achievements
  • Past-Failures

Forget past achievements

‘Past achievements’ is defined as accomplishments that have occurred in the past.
People frequently use them as sure references to present work or projects that they are pursuing because they are from the past.

A wise man once said, ‘past achievements’ can prevent one from reaching the highest of heights on earth due to the overwhelming feeling that says, ‘I have seen it all, what else can there be?'” This feeling may not appear to be a hindrance because the individual has already attained some heights, but it certainly limits.

Being content with your “past achievements” will keep you in the company of those who have won in the past. It will prevent you from seeing the opportunity to test new waters.

If you have accomplished so much in the past, instead of basking in the comfort of your past glory, forge ahead, because there are other grounds to conquer in that sphere where you once conquered.

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Forget past failures

‘Past failures’ refers to a series of events in the past that were unsuccessful.
It occurs when a person or group of people fails to perform tasks expected of them well or at all.

This is the most difficult factor to overcome; it takes a lot of push, inner strength, and motivation to overlook ‘past failures’ that made you question life itself.

Failures in the past can make it difficult to reach out and try again. Many people avoid reaching out for success because of previous failures, and they continue to wallow in the stage and position they are in.

Unlike the ‘Past Achievements’ factor, this factor has caused you a great deal of pain. It mocked your contributions and made you wonder if your efforts were sufficient.

‘Past Failures,’ I’ll say, is a silent whisper that says, ‘bring more of you.’ It should inspire you to try again, with a better version of yourself, and instead of feeling defeated and unachieved, rest assured that you will be among the future and trending winners.

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Everything in the universe works as it should: rain, sun, night, and so on. You will prevail because you are programmed to do so.

Chinenye C.


But how come we can’t think like the great Apostle Paul, who ‘forgets’?(Philippians 3:3) Who, in the wake of the morning, forgets what has gone before and focuses on what is ahead.

He forgets his successes and failures, and without regard for what he has felt, worn, experienced, or achieved in the past, he strives for a brighter and more promising tomorrow.

Understand that even though the Apostle Paul had many miracles performed through him, he still said, ‘I FORGET!’ Also, despite many disappointments and pains, he always said the same thing: ‘I FORGET!’


This piece is a call to FORGET!
Forget about previous successes and focus on expanding your coasts!
Forget your failures and strive for a brighter, bigger tomorrow!

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