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Be On The Go – Many Look Up To You

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A wise man once said, ‘Always be on the go; whether Crawling, Walking or Flying, just ensure you are always on motion. He said, ‘Many things will clamour and contest for your attention, but do not stop to give attention to them, just always be on the go’

Nice talk right?

My focus today will not be on the motion itself, but on the necessity for it.

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Every one born into this world has got a purpose to live out, in fact purpose is the sum total of why every human is born.

In the course of living out ones purpose, (for them that has discovered theirs) there will be varieties of what seem like stumbling blocks, distractions or challenges that will rise to take ‘The Eyes’ off what it should be looking at. These challenges can pose as Financial upheavals, Offences, and the likes. These can restrict motion if not contained.

No matter what life throws your way, always be on the go, cause so many look up to you!

Know this; The fulfilment realized in being ‘Always On the go, far transcends ‘Personal Fulfillment’, but has greatly to do with the ‘Fulfillment Of Others’

Question: Do you know that the Prosperity, Fulfilment, Establishment of many people in the world is dependent on you fulfilling your purpose on the earth?

Do you know that others look up to you
Do you also know that you being always on motion equates destiny fulfillment?

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Your purpose, no matter how insignificant you think it is has been wired to Inspire, Uplift, Motivate and Educate people to fulfil their own great purpose.

The fulfilment realised in the inspiration and motivation of humans for the sake of PURPOSE can be equaled to the fulfilment one discovers in fulfilling ‘Personal Purpose’.

Ensure you are always on MOTION, to truly fulfill purpose.


  • Millions of men and women will remain on that sofa if you continue to linger there. Stand up! and be on the move!
  • Millions of people will not put their gifting to use, if you don’t use yours.
  • Millions of people require your success story as a source of Inspiration, Education and Motivation.
  • That multi-million dollar company you dream about will employ many and give them avenue to put their giftings to work/use. So grease that mind of yours and be on the go!
  • Think purpose
  • Think humanity

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