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You hear alot of talks about the power of the human mind, and you wonder how you can really set yourself on a path of success with just your mind as your top prioritised tool.

In most of my Inspirational articles, I refer to SELF as the only factor that limits or enhances. This is because I believe that for any human to achieve growth or backwardness in life, it all has to start from within and above all with your permission whether consciously or unconsciously.

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In this article, I will reveal how you can move forward in life with your mind in tune and constantly renewed.

Your Power House

The mind as has been defined is a vehicle that drives humans to the destination they get to in life.

In addition, the mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory. It is often defined as the faculty of an entity’s thoughts and consciousness. 

Your mind is that which enables you have subjective awareness and intentionality towards your environment; to perceive and respond to stimuli with some kind of agency, and to have consciousness, including thinking and feeling.

Yes! Your mind is your very power house with which you can shield yourself from the troubles that confront you in life everyday. With your mind, you can reach great heights while regulating the peace you experience here on Earth.

Those that truly live and enjoy life, are those that have understood the power of their minds and are on an unrelenting quest to master and renew it.

Chinenye Oba

Your mind is hence your power house, and is hidden within you!

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Mind Renewal

Have you ever wondered why some people you come across seem old fashioned even if by number of age they are not old? also why some are so bitter and angry at all times, even if really there is no cause?

The true essence of mind renewal is not embraced by so many people, and this has caused for stagnation.

As humans, renewal of ‘the mind’ should not be taken lightly, as it is by the constant and conscious update and renewal of the mind that one can harvest all the riches of the mind and life inclusive.

How To Renew Your Mind

Having your mind constantly renewed will enable the minds power find true expression. Highlighted below are tips on how to embark on the fruitful journey of mind renewal.

  • Consciously digest positive words: This process of mind renewal is an art as it is also an act. It requires you to write down positive words about what so ever area you need to improve in your life and consciously say them to your self. You might not feel like it, but as you repeat the act, you will begin to visualize positive pictures.
  • Always keep a tab on your thoughts: This requires you to be conscious about the thoughts that go through your mind, and when you perceive negative thoughts, you immediately purge yourself of them.
  • Practice positive visualization: This particular step of mind renewal will pose to be challenging to some people, as it requires one to visualize life as they desire it to be for them. For example, visualizing yourself bagging your school degree when your present situation has given you no reason to see past the hurdles. Positive visualization is an important step of mind renewal for anyone set on a course to live a better life.
  • Shot out worries and things that threatens your minds peace.

Importance of Renewing Your Mind

  • Embarking on a quest of constant mind renewal will give you a clear cut insight on your life’s purpose.
  • You will simply live a happy, fulfilling and healthy live on earth.
  • You will not be caught off-guard by the negativity that flies around.
  • Consistent mind renewal will enable you connect better with your inner-self aka the real you.
  • It will enable you walk in the part of constant positivity no matter the negativity surrounding you.

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