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Prepare Akara At Home – Using Your Domestic Blender

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Prepare Akara at home by following the guidelines in this article.

Bean cake popularly known as Akara is one food that almost everyone enjoys especially in the morning or evening.

For the traditional Nigerian family Akara serves as a good morning or evening snack which goes very well with a nicely prepared akamu (fermented cereal pudding) or oat meal mixed with your creamy milk.

A well fried akara comes in a small or big round or oval shape; the shape is infact determined by the one frying. It also appears golden brown if fried with the right temperature, and the inside soft and fluffy yum yum.

With the increase in the prices of things especially food, buying akara that will truly satisfy more than one person will cost a fortune.

Unlike in the days when Akara for the sum of N200 will satisfy a family of four in Nigeria, Akara for the sum of N1000 will barely do justice to the hungry bellies of that same family now.

Preparing your Akara at home will not only give you the satisfaction that it came from your kitchen and prepared under your supervision, but will enable you get the quantity of Akara balls that will satisfy everyone with remminants even.

The good thing about this recipe is that you do not need to grind your beans to it’s pasty form using your neighborhood commercial grinders. Your home blender will do the work and do it well if you follow the guidelines in this article.

What You Need

1 cup Beans (tiny white beans preferrably)
3 pieces medium size fresh pepper
1 medium size onion
A pinch of salt to taste
2 litres vegetable oil to fry


chaffing your beans (locally)

In a clean bowl pour in your beans, next pour in enough clean water to soak the back of the beans. Ensure water covers the beans well to enable it soak fast. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Drain water from the beans and begin to twist each bean with the tip of your finger; this will prove easy as your beans are already separated from their backs because of the water soaking. Twist and mash with your hands until your beans are all seperated from their backs.

Next add enough water; when you do all the bean chaffs will float on top of the water and the beans will sink to the bottom of the bowl.

Chaffed beans for making your akara

Drain the water from the beans, and as you do that, all the chaffs will go with the water leaving you with your clean chaffed beans to proceed with.

Note: If all the bean chaffs do not leave at the first water drain, ensure you repeat the same process by adding enough water to the beans and having the remaining chaffs float on the water, then drain.

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Softening your beans

This process is very important for every one trying this recipe at home using their domestic blenders.

If this process is skipped, you might end up damaging the blades of your blender.

Now, boil about 2 cups of water, ensure that it does not totally boil, as that will cook your beans and the aim of this step be defeated. Pour in your not-so hot water into your bowl of chaffed beans, cover it up and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes.

Blending your beans

With a kitchen drainer, drain your beans. Pour beans into your rinsed blender and add your washed balls of fresh pepper and already diced onion.

Add very little water and blend until your beans turns to paste.
You will do well to add water little by little to prevent having a runny, watery beans paste.

If you followed the process of softening, you will notice that your beans will blend flawless and fast too.

Next, deep a finger into the bean paste and rub in between your fingers to determine if it has been smoothly blended.

When your beans has been smoothly blended, pour into a bowl and add your pinch of salt to taste.

Note: Refrain from adding any form of seasoning into your bean paste as that will entirely give your Akara a ‘too sweety taste’. Also, ensure your use fresh pepper and not the dried form, as dried pepper will give your Akara a different consistency and taste after frying.

Frying your bean paste

So many people have gotten this step wrong, especially for people frying at home. The pan shape you use will greatly affect the look of your Akara.

In this step, ensure you use a curve-like frying bowl and not a frying pan, as a frying pan will give your Akara a flatty look while a curve-like bowl will give it the round or oval shape you want.

Appropriate pan for frying your akara
A curve-like pan

After heating your frying bowl, pour in your vegetable oil and let it heat. When it heats for about 5 minutes, start dropping your bean paste using a curved cooking spoon.

Allow your bean paste to fry for about 20 seconds before flipping to the other side to continue frying. When your Akara has given you the golden brown colour, then you are ready to seive out your Akara from the hot oil.

Note: Ensure you fry on a not so high heat and also not on a low heat. In other words fry your bean paste on just a normal heat of fire.

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