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Secret Ingredients For Making Egusi Soup – African Dish

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Here is a detailed article on the secret ingredients you miss when preparing your Egusi soup – Secret ingredients for making egusi soup

After reading this article and applying it to your egusi soup recipe, I assure you that you will come back and testify to the goodness of these secret ingredients.

Egusi soup is a dish that’s almost all if not all Nigerians enjoy within our shores and even outside. It can be enjoyed with a well prepared pounded yam, Garri, cornmeal or wheat meal (You can add yours o).

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In some tribes it is a soup that must be present in any big occasion or ceremony, be it weddings, baby dedication, burial ceremony and the likes. While in some tribes it’s just a soup that families enjoy at any time of the day.

In today’s article I will be introducing you to two ingredients that are used in making other kinds of soup, but has never been known as traditional ingredients for making egusi soup especially by our mothers.

One of this ingredient is the Uziza Seed. Uziza seed comes in fresh and dried forms; Any of it’s form will sit well in your pot of Egusi Soup. Uziza seed has been known for it’s goodness in preparing pepper soup of any kind.

Dried Uziza for making egusi soup
Dried Uziza Seed

In Nigeria, especially in the South Eastern part of the nation, Uziza Seed is one soup ingredient that one can see in almost all household kitchens.

Fresh Uziza for making egusi soup
Fresh Uziza Seeds

In making your Egusi Soup, you can decide to use either the Uziza Seed or Uziza leaf (Depending on which you prefer) 

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How To Add The Uziza Seed To Your Egusi

In my own book of cooking (Smiles) dried Uziza seeds should be added to your Egusi during the grinding of your Egusi Seeds. That time when you add your crayfish and Okpe, you add your Uziza goodness. 

If you decide to use the fresh seed, you can incorporate it when blending your fresh pepper or simply mash and add to your pot of soup.

For me, the measurement should be 4 cups of Egusi to 1 tea spoon of uziza seeds, 8 cups of Egusi to 2 tea spoons of uziza seeds.

Incorporation of the Uziza into your Egusi soup will not only give your soup a super unique taste, but will also give it a tantalizing aroma that will make anyone beg to be given a taste.

The second secret ingredient is the Scent Leaf populary known as Nchanwu. 

I believe that almost all Nigerian know about the wonders of Nchanwu; It’s sweet aroma, and health values.

Scent leaf for making egusi soup
Scent Leaf

Simply put, Nchanwu should be added in not so much quantity alongside the main leaf into your pot of sweetness.

For those who will opt to using just the Uziza leaf, you can add a little bit of Nchanwu leaf alongside. But if you use the Uziza seed, you can use your ugu leaf (Pumpkin Leaf) along side a little bit of your Nchanwu leaf.

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