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The Power Of Possibility

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What do you see?
What do you see in the wake of the morning?
What fills you up when your feet hit the floor every single day?

Yes, you had a lot of bills to pay yesterday, and you probably had a lot of unrest around and inside of you, and the best you could do for yourself was close your eyes and drift into oblivion until tomorrow.

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Almost everyone, if not everyone, wakes up every day thinking about the continuation of yesterday’s life puzzle. Sometimes our fears manifest themselves in our dreams of the night, which linger in our minds even after the day is declared new.

So many people fail to achieve much in life because they are oblivious to ‘possibility’

Chinenye C.

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See possibility

Every new day, insofar as it is called a new day, must be lived on auto-refresh.

What do I mean?

As long as a day is referred to as “new,” we must regard everything as “new.”

We must see the possibility of that sour relationship improving, of that financial problem improving, and of that difficult son or daughter becoming a better person.
We must simply see ‘possibility’

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