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See Possibility

See Possibility everyday
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What do you see?
What do you see at the wake of the morning?
What fills you up when your feet hits the floor every single day?

YES you had so much bills to pay yesterday,
you probably had so much unrest around and inside of you, and the best you could do for your self was close your eyes and drift into oblivion at least until tomorrow

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Almost everyone if not everyone wake everyday with the continuation of yesterdays life puzzle in mind. Sometimes we have our fears surface in our dream of the night, which lingers in the mind even as the day is called new.

So many people don’t really achieve much in life because they are blind to POSSIBILITIES

Chinenye Oba
The power of possibility

Every new day as far as its called a new day must be lived on auto-refresh.

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What Do I mean?

As long as a day is called new, we must view every thing as new.

We must see a possibility of that sour relationship turning sweet, a possibility of that monetary problem getting better, a possibility of that difficult son or daughter becoming a better person.
We must just see POSSIBILITIES.

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