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The Ultimate Will Of God – Inspiration

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It pays to know and understand the ultimate will of God for you, for by having an indebt knowledge of it, you will be set on the right path.

‘Thy Will Be Done’ she said, as she watched her children hunger, and could do nothing to stop those rumbling stomachs. 

He watched his wife and mother thrown out of the apartment, and all he could mutter was; ‘Thy Will Be Done.

Thy Will Be Done’ people say and by ‘Thy’ they mean the Monarch of the Universe (God).


WILL can be said to be the expectations and desires of some one, for another or self. For example, I will that I own that car, or I will that every child on my street gets awarded with a scholarship.

Also will is said to be a legal document containing instructions as to what should be done with one’s money and properties after death.

Note that will is not at all the same with wish. While WISH is a strong hope for something that might or will not happen, WILL is a desire for something that will for sure happen, because the provision for it’s commencement has been amply provided.

Over the years, even up till date, the phrase ‘Thy Will Be Done’ has been uttered/muttered by so many lips, and of most sincere hearts, but there has always been an aura of ‘self pity’ when the phrase is used, and that is as a result of ignorance in what the powerful phrase entails.

Knowing the ultimate will of God, is just what you need!

QUESTION: Does the ‘Monarch of the Universe’ Will that those children starve to death, or does he will that you live a life of so much unhappiness? You can sincerely answer for yourself, according to your knowledge.

Search out for the ultimate will
Search out his will for you

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The Ultimate Will

Pondering, meditating and understanding that phrase, will enable one live a triumphant life on the earth. There will be for sure no reason to mutter or say it with any sense of pity at all, because of the entirety of understanding deduced.

The will of God is no respecter of person, place and circumstances

Chinenye Oba
  • The WILL, wills that you live in perfect health and in harmony of mind and body
  • The WILL, wills that you have love in abundance
  • The WILL, wills that you live in abundance evermore.

The list is endless!

Basking in the knowledge of the true will of God should give you the deep assurance that whatsoever ugly experiences and circumstances that life has thrown or is presenting you is not the final stop for you. Just like water, the ultimate will of God always finds expression.

Now, this is a call for everyone to search out the WILL of ‘The Monarch Of The Universe’ (GOD) for them, I mean the entirety of it. You should also know that with the WILL, is the provision for its commencement, and when this understanding is in place, begin to live in it, not considering what external factors presents.

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