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Values to Inculcate In Middle Childhood (Part 2)

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The stage of middle childhood is said to be a very delicate stage in the developmental journey of every child, and there are values that should of neccesity be inculcated at this stage.

In the previous article on middle childhood, we started by establishing what the stage of middle childhood entail, as well as some of the values to inculcate in this very stage of child development.

Kindly read the part 1 of this article to better understand this part.

Middle childhood

Children are different in sizes, colour, nationalities and race/tribe, but one can point out amazing things that they all have in common. This fact is a pointer to the truth that values to be inculcated in different stages of their development will be alike if not the same.

Stipulated below are some values to inculcate at this stage of development (Middle childhood)

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  • Allocate Responsibilities: The value of ‘responsibility‘ at this stage of a child’s development will greatly profit the next stage of development. This value will create a sense of self sufficiency and responsibility in a child. In some cultures, children as early as the ages of two are given responsibilities to run certain errands in the family. For instance, some families allocate the responsibility of clearing light weighted dishes after meals to their little ones. As they grow, responsibilities can be added or changed.  This value when inculcated, will serve as an opportunity for acquiring skills, as well as an opportunity for cooperative activities.
  • Inculcate some level of discipline:  Like the good book says, “foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction chases it out”. In this stage of development, children can be found to have almost no discipline; they do not know that breaking the TV is wrong, or that to splash water on the floor is wrong. They simply act according to how they feel. I like to see them (children) as clean slates at this stage, open to receive the writings of discipline and corrections. The effects of inculcating some level of discipline on the clean slate of their mind will be seen in the next stage of development, even in subsequent stages. At this stage, parents or wards should inculcate some level of discipline in their children at every time, and it should be done in love and with softness.
  • The the value of honesty:  When I see grown ups who easily lie and put off the truth, I simply know that they do not know or understand the value of honesty. To avoid abuse, this value must be understood. The value of honesty stems to so many values, it connects to so many areas of ones life. A child who is taught the value of honesty will grow to have some glorious features that no one can easily deny. I will site that some communities experience the backwardness they experience, simply because their young generation was not taught the value of honesty; These young ones grew with a lack of understanding of the great value of honesty. Simply put that the value of honesty must be consciously inculcated in a child at this stage of development.
  • The Value of Servant hood:  A servant is a person who serves others. In this sense, Servant hood does not connote total subjection of a child to the total influence for direction by people, or making a slave of a child. It rather means making a child a need meeter and a person who chooses to serves others in love. Inculcating the value of giving a helping hand to others in need, and standing up for others when need arises can be done by little acts; like nudging a child to help older people carry things, encouraging a child to dust chairs in a children gathering and other ways. Great prestigious leaders that has walked the plains of this world and that are still alive doing great things, are men and women who understand the value of servant hood. They are men/women who stood up to the need of others, not minding the discomfort. Imagine a nation where this value is rightly inculcated in 60% of the nations population, during the stage of middle childhood.

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