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World Largest Banana Species – Musa Ingens

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Who loves Banana like me (Smiles) like seriously I love that fruit !!

Banana is a fruit that everyone enjoy devouring, I used the word devouring because when one starts eating banana, you will hardly have the zeal to stop (Maybe because of it’s super sugary sweetness)

Lovers of banana can testify that they have eaten the fruit alongside other foods and nuts like grand-nut, Wal-nut, cashew-nut and even rice porridge or rice with tomato sauce. They can thus attest to the sensational burst you feel when you chew them together (Yummy Yum Yum)

When you hear the word Banana, you get the mind picture of a small curvy yellow or green fruit packed with so much sensational sweetness I sure need some right now! but I bet you have not heard of the rare type that can grow to surprisingly sizes and her tree to mind blowing heights too.

Musa Ingens

Musa Ingens the world’s biggest banana tree growing deep in the Papau New Guinea and Indonesia forest, is the biggest species of banana in the world. It can attain a height of 15 meters, it’s base of the stem is up to 2 meters, while it’s leaves can grow up to the length of 5 metres and a width of 1 meters. The seed from this gigantic plant can grow as much as 20 meters thick as thick as a human arm.

World largest banana tree
world largest banana tree

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