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Youngest Confirmed Mother In History

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The word mother connotes WOMAN 

When you hear the word, you picture an adult mature female person whose reproductive organs has reached full maturity and was able to carry another human person inside of her for a stipulated time of ‘9 months’ or more in some cases.

If you did picture the above description of a woman, then you will be shocked to your very fiber when we reveal to you that children in history have attained the title ‘MOTHER’. 

Children under the age of 10 years has become mothers which Lina Medina is the youngest of them all;


Lina Medina a Peruvian born became the youngest confirmed mother in history when she birthed her son at age five, seven months and 21 days old. She hence became pregnant according to medical assessment when she was less than five years of age.

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Lina, born on the 23rd day of September 1933, has one of the recorded cases of ‘Precocious Puberty’. She was said to have had a disturbing stomach swell which grew larger as the day went by, and her parents thought that it could be some kind of tumor but would have never guessed what they would later hear from Dr. Gerardo Lozada who confirmed that Lina was 7 months pregnant. In disbelief, they took Lina to a specialist who confirmed the earlier diagnosis.


After the pregnancy diagnosis was completed, the Doctor immediately called in the authorities who arrested Lina’s father Tiburelo Medina as the first suspect, but with no headways in pinning him to the crime of rape, he was later released.

Another suspect was Lina’s cousin who apparently was mentally ill. The police suspected him of such act but once again there were no evidence which would enable them persecutes him as the father of Lina’s child.

Lina Medina's parents - Youngest mother
Victoria Losea and Tiburelo Medina (Lina’s Parents) (Source: Rare Historical Photos)

With no leads to potential suspect or suspects, the police dropped the case. Research on the case points to suspected rape in the case of Lina Medina’s Pregnancy.


As a result of Lina underdeveloped body, and a baby growing inside of her which threatened her life because of the growing demand of the baby which her body could not adequately supply, she was birthed of her son when she was eight months pregnant through a cesarean session. Her baby came out healthy weighing 2.7 KG on the 14th Day of May 1939.

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Lina Medina and son at one year old - Youngest mother
Gerardo and Lina when he was One (Source: Rare Historical Photos)

Lina’s child was named Gerardo Medina, a name inspired by the Doctor who helped her through her pregnancy.


Precocious Puberty is a Puberty occurring at an unusually early stage of life. In some of the cases the early development is trigged by a disease such as injury or tumor of the brain Read about Precocious Puberty extensively on Wikipedia 

Lina’s mother confessed to the media that Lina started menstruating at the age of 3.

Lina Medina in 2018 - Youngest mother
Lina Medina in 2018 (Source: History of Yesterday)

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