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True Power Of Our Words – Insight

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Have you heard the phrase ‘Words are powerful’?

Do we understand the tremendous power and impact of our words?

Words consist of spoken words or their written representations; yet ‘words’ not spoken or written seizes to exist.

The world in its entirety is said to be created by the ‘word’ (the word of God). For centuries, ‘words’ have played many roles in human lives and has continued to do so as long as humans release them either through speaking or writing.

Now, questions pop up as relating to the powerfulness of words and the gravity of influence it has on the lives of humans. Even, do humans know that there is a factor called ‘words’ that has influenced their world right from the day they arrived earth?

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Words exchanged during marriage consummation
Yes, I do

For decades, people born of different parents, with different origins and backgrounds come together to become husbands and wives after ‘words’ are spoken. ‘Words’ said as either prayers or vows are released before two can be said to be one. For Hindus, Buddhists and other related religions, ‘words’ in the form of prayers must be said for two to be become man and wife and for Christians, vows must be exchanged before a marriage is consummated.

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In societies today, even relationships have ‘words’ as a factor for establishment, you hear phrases like ‘will you be my friend’, ‘will you date me’ and so on, after these words are released comes actions. But relationships that are not established by ‘words’; no matter the level of intimacy sometimes has no root.

You see two people that are attracted to each other and when you ask the lady what is really happening between them, she says ‘nothing’ and as long as ‘words’ are not released in the form of ‘asking out’ the lady will never refer to herself as a ‘lover’ or ‘girlfriend’, and same goes for the male who if provoked or uncomfortable will be like ‘I never even asked her out’. These words if not released initially will eventually be released to establish the relationship.

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Words spoken during argument
Why do they use such words

As much as ‘words’ has consummated marriages and established relationships, the reverse also has been the case.

For marriages to be consummated, positive words are released, as is the case for relationships, and for marriages or relationships to go sour, negative words are also released.

Even in the case of a parent and child relationship, ‘words’ tend to draw close a child to the parents or separate them. ‘Words’ in this sense create negative or positive emotions.

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In the Solomon Islands of the pacific; if a tree needs to be cut down and it is too big to be chopped down, islanders gather round the tree and in collective efforts release curses on the tree, and it is said that in 30 days of getting cursed, the tree dies off and falls to the ground. Now, does this mean that ‘words’ has influence on trees also as is the case in the Solomon Island?

These trees respond to these ‘words’ and conform to the energy the ‘words’ carry; which is negative. Also, another reference can be seen in the holy bible when Jesus curses a fig tree and the next day it dies.

Furthermore, a child born into this world will grow to be who he/she will be depending on the ‘words’ he/she takes in.

Word taught in classrooms

For children enrolled into formal schools, they move in the direction of the ‘words’ they have heard. They become doctors, scientists, engineers, if science related ‘words’ entice them, or they become Lawyers, sociologists, if art related ‘words’ entice them.

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But if they (children) are fed with the wrong ‘words’, they become cancerous to their immediate societies. Indeed ‘Words’ has played huge roles in the existence of humans.

Words can trigger estacy

Picture a person releasing ‘words’ in the form of promises, those ‘words’ will create ecstasy to the one hearing them, and if these promises are not fulfilled, pain and hurts drives in.

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Words has influenced the lives of humans more than we even realize.’Words’ written and documented for decades has the ability to strike same emotional reactions like ‘words’ spoken now.

Written words

For decades, humans has penned down their experiences, ideas, propositions, and discoveries and as the world goes on happening, these writings move from one hand, table or shelf to another and influence greatly the ones that reads.

Do you now understand the gravity and power of our words?

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I will in fact say that it is more powerful than we (humans) can ever fathom. ‘Words’ as has been examined can be referred to differently and according to situations. In some situation it could be referred to as vows, prayers and promises, and in some; curses or books. Words as we know are not abstract as we think they are, they have the ability for formation, and they can create pain, joy, trust, hope, anger, zeal, and so on.

Words are indeed powerful!

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