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True Power Of Words – Insight

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The energy associated with letters, whether spoken or written, is referred to as the power of words. This has nothing to do with the force with which they are released, but everything to do with the inner conditioning of the person or people who are releasing them.
Furthermore, the form of the words released, whether positive or negative, influences their potency.

Words consist of spoken utterances or their written representations, yet ‘words’ not spoken or written seizes to exist.

The ‘word’ is said to have created the entire world (the word of God). It has played many roles in human lives for centuries and will continue to do so as long as humans release them through speaking or writing.

Now, questions arise concerning the potency of utterances and the gravity of their impact on the lives of humans. Do humans even realize that there is a factor called ‘words’ that have influenced their world since the day they arrived on earth?

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Marriage/relationship consummation

Words exchanged during marriage consummation
Yes, I do

For decades, people of different parents, origins, and backgrounds have come together to become husbands and wives after ‘words’ are spoken. Before two can be said to be one, ‘words’ said as prayers or vows must be released. For Hindus, Buddhists, and other related religions, ‘utterances’ in the form of prayers must be said before two become man and wife, whereas Christians must exchange vows before a marriage is consummated.

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In today’s society, even relationships use ‘words’ to establish themselves; you hear phrases like ‘will you be my friend?’, ‘will you date me?’, and so on; after these phrases are released, actions follow. However, relationships that are not founded on letters whether written or spoken regardless of the level of intimacy, can be dormant.

Parent-child relationship

Words spoken during argument
Why do they use such words

When marriages or relationships are consummated, positive expressions are released, and when marriages or relationships fail, negative expressions are also released.

Even in the case of a parent-child relationship, utterances can bring a child closer to or further away from his or her parents. In this context, expressions can elicit either negative or positive emotions.

Effecting a change

In the Solomon Islands of the pacific; if a tree needs to be cut down and it is too big to be chopped down, islanders gather around the tree and in collective efforts release curses on the tree, and it is said that in 30 days of getting cursed, the tree dies off and falls to the ground. Now, does this mean that ‘words’ influence trees also as is the case in Solomon Island?

These trees conform to the energy of the ‘words’; which is negative. Also, another reference can be seen in the holy bible where Jesus curses a fig tree, and the next day it dies.

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Power of written words

Words written and documented for decades can elicit the same emotional responses as those spoken today.

Written words

For decades, humans have penned down their experiences, ideas, propositions, and discoveries, and as the world moves on, these writings move from one hand, table, or shelf to another, greatly influencing those who read.

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As previously discussed, ‘words’ can be referred to in a variety of ways and situations. In some cases, it may be referred to as vows, prayers, and promises, while in others, curses or books. Words, as we know, are not as abstract as we believe; they can form and can cause pain, joy, trust, hope, anger, zeal, and so on.

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