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Some Fun Activities To Have With Your Kids This Holiday

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Holiday is here again and the question of what activities to engage our little ones with will be a trendy thug on the mind of most parents.

During the holiday season, some if not most parents are always overwhelmed with the super energy their children exude especially now that there are no school activities and those piled up energy seeking to just find expression.

School holiday season also known as break or recess, is a time when no classes and school activities are held. During this time, student are mandated to stay away from school after a successful completion of an academic session.

Every child loves this season, especially for the fact that they will stay longer in bed in the mornings and will not have to run around the house preparing for school. Parents too will have a time-out for themselves. In addition, the holiday season help reduce piled up stress for children.

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For Parents

The season of school holiday has proven to be a time when so many parents go in search of activities that will keep their young ones engaged, especially external activities that will keep them away from the house just like it usually is on regular school days.

Most parents just want to keep their children occupied as they go about their own daily activities with out so much drama. In so many countries like it is in Nigeria, school recess seasons are periods when so many schools startup or resume holiday lessons, especially in summer like it is now. Students are given a short period of like one week to rest after school session closure, only to resume to holiday lessons where they are taught school lessons either on a repeat of in advance.

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Many parents do not mind paying to register their children for these summer lessons with a pure motive of helping them academically and personally. Now what some parents do not understand is that, school holiday periods should be a time of relationship rejuvenation and repairs between them and their young ones. Also, it should be a time to push away almost all distractions and enjoy parenthood.

Parents who are live entitled at their place of work should seek to have their live during the holiday periods! with the ultimate goal of spending every waking day with their children. On the other hand, parents who are business owners can make out time from their business work schedules to enjoy their children this season.

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This period should be a time to explore adventurous activities with you kids, they will resume school soon, so why the summer lessons!

Some Fun Activities To Have With You Kids This Holiday

  • Read Books: Have you ever heard the phrase ‘readers are good thinkers’? I will simply add that readers are good problem solvers too. The period when you have your kids under you is the best time to invest in their young minds. Parents with much younger kids can have sessions where they read to them, and have them (your kids) digest your voice and the rythm of every word that comes out of your mouth. This simply act has proven to spur tremendous development of the mind. On the other hand, parents with much older kids can have reading challenges with their kids. This is done by setting a short period of time when you and your kids finish reading some particular kinds of books, after which you sit down to review the book(s). A reward can be given to the fastest reader, just for the sake of fun too. Indulging the act of book reading this season will increase the bond between you and your kids, improve their reading and listening skills, enhance cognitive and language development, improve attention span, expand vocabulary, improve creativity, enhance positive imagination which has tremendous benefits, teach life lessons, as well as enhance their social and emotional development.
Read to your children this holiday
Read with and to your children
  • Learn New Food Recipes by Cooking Together: By all means possible, almost all if not every parents want to raise children who are healthy eaters. The activity of cooking with your kids will greatly quench the anxiety they have around food, especially the unfamiliar ones. This season is the time to roll up your sleeves and teach your kids the beauty of crafting wonderful delicacies from raw food stuffs. Remember that this particular activity should not be done with a sense of work. Make it fun for your kids and for your self also. Cooking with children will over time boost their confidence, as it will greatly provide rich sensory experiences. When cooking with your children, first and most importantly ‘keep it safe’, ensure that the atmosphere is that of fun not works, allow them ask questions and give suggestions. Also ensure you permit food tasting!

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Cook with your kids this holiday
  • Pitch in and Supervise Age Appropriate Chores: This particular activity should be done with so much love and fun. Experts have discovered that children who do chores develop a great sense of gratitude, and they also extend this sense of gratitude to their parents creating a wonderful Parent-Child bond. During schools days, parents might not have the time and patience to allocate and supervise house chores for their young ones, but this period of holiday can be the best time. This holiday, make chores a routine for your kids while you supervise them all way. Ensure you also incorporate a sense of fun into every chore done. Researchers have discovered that kids who do chores regularly tend to have an increased feeling of life’s satisfaction than kids who do not do chores. So in this season, ensure you think twice before bending down to do all the house chores yourself, or having the domestic staffs do them all.

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Do chores with your kids this holiday
  • Take Strolls Together: Yes, taking morning or evening out door walks is one of the fun activities I propose you have with your kids this season. As parents, it is your sole responsibility to teach your kids the essence of standing up, getting out and moving. Also remember to make this particular activity fun. When you are on this walk, be it in the morning or evening, incorporate fun activities like picture taking, fast runs, jump and touch trees, jump over cracks on the ground, talk to each other and have a really good laugh together.
Take Strolls with your kids this holiday
Take strolls together

Have so much fun with your kids this holiday season!

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