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The True Essence Of Having Quality Quiet Time

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The power of ‘QUIET TIME’ cannot be over emphasized.

In a world where there are varieties of voices and noises, one cannot afford to go a long time without having a ‘Lone Time’ with self. But unfortunately the opposite is the case with most individuals and that should in no way be.

Keep It Quiet!

Quiet Time’ refers to a time spent alone with one’s self and thoughts with no relation to any external body or force.

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Spending time alone and with just self gives one the ability and opportunity to know themselves for themselves, to relate with their inner ‘super power’. It gives one the opportunity to sieve the opinions of people from who he/she truely is.

It also enables one make healthy plans and decisions that will improve his/her life and that of the people he/she loves.

QUESTION: Do you know that some people go for months or years without having ‘Lone Time’ with self?…..

How to have that quite time

Having quality ‘Quiet Time’ will not just improve you, It has the ability to improve even the people around as well as your environment at large.

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Many people go on for years without ‘understanding themselves for themselves’; They do not know their horoscope, temperament, even what they truly believe. People like these are not aware of their capabilities, incapabilities and worth. They go through life being victims of their own ignorance. They chose the wrong spouse, go into the wrong relationships, join the wrong company, choose the wrong career, abuse themselves with drugs, words and so on, and at the end of the day they come out frustrated and unfulfilled in life.

Quiet time’ have been recommended by psychiatrists over the years to people who ‘look physically healthy’. These people might be going through challenges in their marriages, with self or career and ‘Quiet Time’ recommended to enable them RECOLLECT, REFLECT and RECOGNISE the essence of life and the significance of whatever they are actually into.

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Importance of Quiet Time

That time spent alone and in an atmosphere void of turbulent noises and worries has been greatly associated with good mental health. Shortly put that having a conscious quality quiet time with self will have a great impact on the mental health of any individual.

The importance of quiet time cannot be over hyped as it has the ability to build self discipline, establish rythm in anyone’s life, give anyone the focus of being more mindful of the immediate environment where they exist and enable one harness their own inner power.

Why You Must Have Quiet Time

Having read through this amazing article, you will agree with me that constant quality quiet time is a ritual you owe yourself, and not imbibing this culture will mean that you are playing the cheat on your very own mental health.

In a world as diverse as ours, everyone should of neccesity have a time they spend with just themselves, not worrying or crying, but declausterring their mind space and connecting with their very innerself.

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Having good quiet time with self can be equated to having your batteries recharged, which will have a positive reflection and effect on your relationship with people around you and how you percieve and relate with your environment.

7 Places Where You Can Have Good Quiet Time

There is almost no place where one cannot have quality quiet time, but there are specific places where people by experience prefer to spend time with themselves. They are:

  1. River Banks
  2. By the road of empty streets
  3. Building tops/ roof tops
  4. Empty football pitch
  5. Cool Gardens
  6. Under bridges
  7. Mountain tops
Make quiet time a routine

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Wise Counsel

Imbibe the habit of having Quiet time’. Do it without feeling sorry, and for those in relationships or marriage, allow/encourage your spouse to have it, because they will come out better persons.

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, nationality, religion or even schedule, always spend some time with YOUR SELF.

In your ‘QUIET TIME’ talk to your self (Yes you can!), understand why you do the things you do, the way you do them; Why you talk the way you do, why you easily get angry or why you hardly flare up, why you chose your career and so on. Refuse to let things just happen to you because of a truth, ‘Nothing In Life Happens By Accident

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