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What You Must Do When Plans Fail

So, what happens when plans fail?
What happens when things you desire and so strived to achieve turns sour?
How should you be when you suddenly realise that you have been at the same spot you were for a long time?

These are what happen to so many individuals all round the world, even on a daily basis. So many people wake everyday and feel such discontentment, they just feel disappointed at themselves and at life generally.

Some will say “I didn’t know life could be this complex” while others will be like “I am just tired with everything, and I feel like ending my life to just call it quit”.

All these and more are what people use to express the heaviness of what life has meted at them.

Understand that everyone as long as life and earth are concerned, has felt heaviness in their own category and on different basis, whether they be rich or poor, male or female.

Every body in all walks of life feel inner pain at different times in life influenced by the happenings around them or by some kind of mind torture which I simply tag discontentment, but it is the way individuals translate and deal with themselves that differs and by all means matters.

I sincerely think that all the challenges and turmoil are what makes life life, while the conquered challenges are actually the ‘Super Story’ you tell to encourage and guide fellow humans, be it a younger generation or people that are yet to thread the same path you threaded, but are preparing to take the walk.

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This tells us something I believe; ‘Enjoy life all the way and no matter what you are going through, endeavour to go through with an attitude that says ‘I am going through to arrive at a better place and in a refined state’

Now, back to my question from the onset!

What happens when plans fail?
How should you be when your heart desires are not fully met or not met at all?

There are no dead ends in life. We see dead ends because our minds think so, but that barrier can be broken if YOU decide to open up your mind eyes and truly see.

Chinenye Oba

What You Must Do When Plans Fail

When all the stated happens, life seems ‘not worth it’ and ‘tiresome’, you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. In that time, here are three things you must do:

  1. When Plans Fail! Make another plan, not grudgingly and when that one doesn’t work, positively make another! as long as you are convinced you are walking the right path.
  2. When Your Desired Achievements Turns Sour! Try achieving that same thing another way, explore other possible ways and options. Ask questions, from those with better experiences. Don’t forget to give yourself some time to heal before trying again to prevent you from being overwhelmed, and while you are healing, create time for meditation to connect with your true self.
  3. When You Realise That You Have Being On The Same Spot For So Long! Move!! for you are not a tree, change your situation by taking bold steps, explore other possibilities. Read good books that will spur you towards the right direction. Step out of that place of so much comfort and discover the world of so much possibilities around you.

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When life’s plan fail, it is not a pointer to an end, but a pointer to a new chapter of you.

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