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What You Must Do When Plans Fail

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So, what happens when plans fail?
When plans fail, almost everyone feels incompetent. We cry, we are sad, and we even blame the failure on something or someone.

These are the kinds of things that happen to so many people all over the world, even on a daily basis. So many people wake up every day feeling dissatisfied with themselves and with life in general.

Some will say, “I had no idea life could be this complicated,” while others will say, “I am just tired of everything, and I feel like ending my life just to call it quit.”

All of these and more are the means by which people express themselves when their carefully devised plans fail.

Recognize that, as far as life and the earth are concerned, everyone has felt heaviness in their own category and on different bases, whether rich or poor, male or female.

Every person in all walks of life experiences inner pain at different times in their lives, influenced by events around them or by some kind of mental torture that I simply label discontentment, but it is how individuals translate and deal with themselves that differs and, by all means, matters.

I sincerely believe that all of life’s challenges and turmoil are what give life meaning, while the conquered challenges are the ‘Super Story’ you tell to encourage and guide fellow humans, whether they are of a younger generation of people who have yet to tread the same path you have but are preparing to do so.

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This, I believe, tells us something: ‘Enjoy life all the way through, and no matter what you are going through, strive to go through with an attitude that says ‘I am going through to arrive at a better place and in a refined state.’

Now, back to my original question!

What happens when plans fail?
How should you act when your heart desires are not fully or even partially met?

In life, there are no dead ends. We see dead ends because our minds believe they are, but that barrier can be broken if YOU choose to open your mind’s eyes and truly see.

Chinenye C.

What you must do when plans fail

When all of the above occurs, life appears ‘not worth it’ and ‘tiresome,’ and you want to give up and throw in the towel. Here are three things you must do during that time:

  1. When plans fail, make another plan, not reluctantly, and if that one fails, make another! as long as you are certain that you are on the right track
  2. When Your Desired Achievements Go Wrong! Try doing the same thing differently, and look into other possibilities and options. Inquire with those who have more experience. Don’t forget to give yourself some time to heal before trying again to avoid becoming overwhelmed, and while you’re healing, set aside some time for meditation to reconnect with your true self.
  3. When you realize you’ve been standing in the same spot for a long time! Move!! because you are not a tree, change your situation by taking bold steps and exploring other options. Read books that will point you in the right direction. Step out of your haven and explore the world of possibilities that await you.

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When plans fail, it is not the end of the world, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

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