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Good For Nothing – Who Really Is?

Good for nothing they say!

People use the phrase ‘good for nothing’. They either refer to someone or something and I can’t seem to fathom why people use that phrase at all.

QUESTION: Is anyone or anything truly good for nothing?

When something or someone is referred to as ‘good for nothing’, it means that that person or thing is useless, worthless, incompetent and inefficient. In our societies, even in our immediate communities we see people that seem inefficient, worthless and the likes, and we sometimes fall for the temptation of referring to them as ‘good for nothing’. Yes, they may seem worthless, inefficient, incompetent and useless, but are they really ‘good for nothing’


Every one has been endowed with unique personalities/gifts that has a place for thriving in the world. They may not look it, but they have it; They have been endowed with wonderful gifts that can make the world a better place to be in.

They are not good for nothing
An Angel in this stone

Now, why does some pleople seem worthless?

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In as much as no one is of a truth ‘good for nothing’ some people really do look or seem incompetent etal. People look or seem like that because they have not or have refused to discover their uniqueness. They are ignorant of the truth that the world needs them to better thrive, and that they must of necessity contribute their gifts to positively mold their society and the world.

Everyone of us must be conscious of harnessing our unique gifts and making efforts to put those gifts to good use.

As a matter of fact, in harnessing ones gift, two factors are involved, and must work together to achieve the desired success. They are; the factors of YOU and ME.


This factor refers to ME discovering what my unique gifts are and harnessing them to influence my world positively.

Discover yourself because you are not good for nothing
I will discover me

These gifts might not be as alarming as another person’s, but I will value them, nurse them and put them into positive useful use!

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You see, people live and exit this world without actually harnessing their unique selves, they move in directions that people and their society push them to and at the end they are so unfulfilled.
Today I say to you, look inward, discover those unique gifts inside of you, and intentionally invest in yourself.

Invest in your self because you are not good for nothing
I will invest in me

Check for those things that you are so good at, those things that you can sacrifice your time and energy doing and even though you feel drained at the end of the day, you still feel fulfilled.

I am not good for nothing
You matter

Celebrate Motherhood


This factor refer to YOU, yes YOU! my friend, family and acquaintance. Involve yourself in harnessing my unique gifts; Be there for me when I need you, talk positively to me, be kind to me, see me as someone going somewhere, don’t judge me by my current position and situation, love me. Don’t see me as a ‘good for nothing’. Do your very part in pushing me forward.

At the end no one is really ‘Good For Nothing’

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