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Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

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Warm water is defined as water that is between 75° F and 94° F in temperature. It refers to water with some heat but not enough to be considered hot.

Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless substance that is necessary for all known forms of life despite the fact that it contains no organic nutrients.

This is hence the best definition I can find for water, you can check up Wikipedia for a comprehensive definition of water.

This article will not attempt to define water in its entirety, but will instead discuss the importance of drinking a specific temperature of water at a specific time of day, every day.

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Everyone agrees that water is one substance that we cannot live without every waking moment of our lives. Some people take more, while others take less, but they all take it! This simple fact has informed my perception that there are two types of people in the world: those who consume more water and those who consume less.

Do you know that the time you drink your water is important? The same is true for the temperature and amount of liquid consumed.

Drinking a cup of warm water in the morning is thought to help kickstart the digestive system, according to ancient Chinese medicine on water intake. They claim that hot and warm water improves blood flow.

Now you get the idea: because of the temperature of the water (warm water) you should drink first thing in the morning, your blood circulation increases, detoxifying your body and reducing painful muscle contractions. I, for one, do not make light of my morning cup of warm water.

Drinking warm water

Don’t misinterpret this article; modern medicine has deemed it safe to drink cold water. One of its benefits is that it helps lower body temperature after intense exercise while also increasing metabolism.

People who drink only warm water all day, believing that cold water will harm them in some way, should give their bodies a break because cold water has not been medically proven to be harmful to the human body in any way when consumed in moderation.

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Now to the discussion at hand, incorporating warm water into your daily water consumption every day is good, and understanding the right time when your body system most needs it is of utmost importance

timing is key!

What is the best time to drink your cup or cups of warm water?

The answer is ‘first thing in the morning.’ Drinking a cup or cups of warm water first thing in the morning, even before brushing your teeth, should be the first thing you do.

Four (4) benefits of taking warm water in the morning on empty stomach

  • It will make your skin look more radiant and healthier. Investing in skin care products is beneficial, but what is even better is providing your skin with the proper amount of water it requires on a daily basis to stay hydrated and healthy, as well as drinking at least one cup of warm water every morning before brushing your teeth.
Drink at least one cup of warm water in the morning
  • Have you ever heard that drinking at least a cup of warm water in the morning can help you lose weight? It’s completely true, because warm water raises your body temperature, which raises your metabolic rate. Because of the increased metabolism, your body is now programmed to burn more calories throughout the day.
Warm water aids weight loss
  • It prevents bloating, constipation and also aids bowel movement.
  • Taking warm water in the morning on empty stomach will aid clearing out of toxins from the skin through sweat which enables the prevention of premature ageing.

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Authors Note

Don’t procrastinate!

A warm cup of water should be the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up every day. Consider it as providing your body with the first treat it requires every day! That’s how much you owe it!

Decide to live a healthy life and don’t forget to stay hydrated through out the day, everyday!

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