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Helpful Tips To Weight Loss After The Christmas Holiday 2023

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Want to start your journey to weight loss like you made in your new year resolution? if yes, then this piece is for you!

The truth is that during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, almost everyone, if not everyone, eats more than usual. We eat and drink a lot because the obvious merriment stings so much in the air. Oh, this time of year!

According to research, gym attendance rises in the second week of January each year and drops precipitously in the second week of February. Consider people who continue the year with the weight they gained during the holiday season as a result of being overburdened by gym activities.

Many people, especially those who are not into physical exercises and workouts, will be wondering how to lose weight in a less stressful manner. Even if you are a workout-holic, the first three months of the year will be extremely busy for you, so these easy weight loss tips will come in handy for you as well.

Weight loss after the Christmas holiday

The advice in this article is subject to approval by your medical advisors. These weight loss methods are simple and do not necessitate the use of a gym if you do not wish to do so. They are simple to incorporate into your hectic new year schedules because all you need to do is pay attention, stay focused, and follow the guide.

In other words, get back in shape even if you’re super busy!

One thing that overwhelms most people trying to lose the extra weight gained during the holiday season is that they are too hard on themselves due to societal pressures and the image they see of most people around them already hitting the gym to shed their extra pounds. They thus board the moving train, and by mid-February, they are dissatisfied, especially if the weight loss is not immediately visible.

To avoid frustration after the holidays, especially after the Christmas and New Year feastings, the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to adopt a weight loss plan that will not interfere with their new year’s busy work schedules.

Keep reading to find out a few helpful weight loss tips to adopt this season.

Weight loss plans to adopt after the Christmas holiday

1. Clear out every Christmas leftovers:

Start weight loss by clearing out Christmas left overs

You cannot consume it if you do not have it! Clearing out all Christmas leftovers is the first thing you should do before beginning any weight loss program because it will keep you from succumbing to the temptation of eating foods high in calories, you know the ones! Cakes, cookies, chocolates, and the like for Christmas.

While you’re clearing out the leftovers, replenish your pantry with healthier snacks like nuts and fresh fruits. These treats will come in handy if you start having post-Christmas cravings.

2. Normalise taking lots of water:

Drink lots of water for weight loss

Every nutritionist who wants to help you get started on a weight loss plan will tell you that you should drink plenty of water throughout the day, every day!

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Christmas food is typically high in sugar and a wide variety of species, and drinking plenty of water helps to cleanse your body of toxins.

Additionally, water is the filler you need to aid portion control; by drinking at least two cups of water before eating, you fill up your stomach and consume less food than you should have.

3. Practice portion control:

Portion control for weight loss

This is a form of weight loss routine that requires the whole of you to agree. Understand that portion control first starts in the mind, then the plate size which in turn determines the food size.

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Portion control has to do with reducing the quantity of food you eat at a go, it entails eating only the quantity of food your body needs to stay full, if not less.

People who practice portion control as a form of weight loss routine reduce the sizes of their plates to ensure that they do not over-serve their food.

Now, because you’ve just returned from the Christmas holidays, when you ate as much as you wanted all at once, your body is likely to rebel by demanding more food even after you’ve consumed your allotted portion.

If you experience hunger pangs even after eating, you should drink plenty of water to satisfy your hunger.

This weight loss tip is one of the most effective nutritional hacks for leading a healthy lifestyle and staying at a healthy weight.

4. Incorporate some few yoga stretches especially in your morning routines:

Yoga stretch for weight loss

Improve your physical and mental health by stretching in the mornings before you start your day, but you can also stretch in the evenings.

Yoga stretches will not only improve your strength, balance, and flexibility, it will also boost alertness and enthusiasm while chasing out negative feelings.

Some days, you may wake up wanting nothing more than to live and eat! Yoga stretches can remind you of a thousand reasons why you chose the path to weight loss. It will enable your mind to remain alert throughout the day!

5. Monitor and stay accountable:

Get someone you can stay accountable to in this weight loss journey

Monitor your progress by keeping a tab on the amount of weight you lose weekly. This will inform you of the pace at which you are achieving your desired goal.

Stay accountable by having someone with whom you embark on this weight-loss journey; the two of you can both hold each other accountable and motivate each other.

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