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Domestic Violence: Its Effect On the Mind

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Domestic violence is defined as the infliction of pain and abuse on a person within the confines of the home.
Home is the best place for comfort and warmth, but many people cannot say that they enjoy warmth at all in their homes.

This article aims to provide reasons why no one should tolerate or condone domestic violence in any form.

What is domestic violence

Domestic abuse is a crime that occurs between family members. They occur when a person is abused in their own home. These can physical, sexual, and verbal abuse. Other forms of abuse, such as stalking, are not considered domestic violence.

Child abuse is yet another form of maltreatment. It is critical to understand the distinction between these two types of abuse because it can aid in the protection of children from other forms of abuse.

Any abusive or threatening behavior between family members is considered domestic violence. It can range from being pushed too far to being struck. Domestic violence must be a crime, either against the person or against the law, for it to be considered domestic violence.

Types of domestic abuse

Hitting, beating, choking, or threatening with a weapon are all examples of physical abuse.

Emotional abuse includes calling the victim names, insulting them, or threatening to hurt or isolate them.

Sexual abuse refers to the act of forcing sex on a victim or exposing the victim to sexual acts.

Verbal abuse includes saying derogatory things or making threats in order to exert control over the victim.

Neglect: Although ‘neglect’ has not been designated as a form of domestic abuse, it can be associated with it in some unusual cases.

Neglect is defined as failing to meet a person’s basic physical, social, spiritual, or emotional needs. Family members, caregivers, and others involved in the person’s care may be neglecting them. Sometimes the neglect is unintentional. Other times, it is due to a failure to recognize the person’s needs or a failure to take action to meet those needs.

Neglect can occur at any point in a person’s life. It can occur at any age, from prenatal to old age. It is the failure to provide proper care, which causes harm to a person.

Domestic violence against women

Even though they all come in the same package, I made it a point to explain domestic abuse to women differently than it is to men.

Contrary to the widely held belief that only women are abused and men are the perpetrators, many men today are victims of domestic violence.

Physical abuse may consist of hitting, slapping, choking, throwing objects at the woman, forcing her to perform sex acts, beating her in the face and any other part of her body, throwing objects at her when she is defenseless, restraining her with weapons, and ripping her clothes.

Name-calling, any form of emotional violence (mental or emotional abuse), and isolating her from her family and friends are all examples of emotional abuse.

Sexual abuse, on the other hand, is characterized by forced sex and forced exposure to pornographic material.

Finally, verbal abuse includes physical threats, verbal insults, and threats to damage her property.

Domestic violence breeds fear
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Domestic violence against men

Men, as I mentioned earlier, are also abused in their homes. As a result, the women involved are the abusers, while the men are the abused. Table turned!

Domestic violence on a man, like domestic violence on a woman, includes physical abuse such as hitting, slapping, and throwing objects at the man, forcing him to perform sex acts, beating him in the face and any other part of his body, throwing objects at him when he is defenseless, restraining him with weapons, and tearing his clothes.

Emotional abuse also entails name-calling, any form of emotional violence (mental or emotional abuse), isolating him from his family and friends.

Sexual abuse involves forced sex, forced exposure to pornographic material.

Also, verrbal abuse entails threats of physical harm, verbal insults, threat to damage his property.

They are the same right?

When and how to seek help

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, contact one of the many non-governmental organizations in Nigeria that work to end domestic violence. For example,

These hotlines provide resources to help people deal with domestic violence, such as blogs and social media information. If you prefer, you can always call the hotline and speak anonymously.

You can also contact the police and file a report. A police report can assist you in obtaining a restraining order, which is a court order that keeps the abuser away from you.

Effect of domestic violence on children

Children who grow up in violent homes are more likely to become victims of domestic violence themselves.

According to research, children who witness domestic violence are more likely to engage in abusive behaviors as adults.

These negative consequences can linger long after you have left an abusive relationship. These effects have the potential to last a lifetime. The most important thing to understand is that domestic violence is a crime, not a way of life.

How domestic abuse affects the mind

When confronted with a threat, attack, or violence, the brain releases chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline, nor-epinephrine, and other hormones. Blood flow is diverted away from internal organs that could otherwise aid in wound healing. To deal with the severity of any harm done, the heart rate increases, and alertness levels rise to full alert. This is all part of the stress response, which experts in this field have described as “life-saving.” Unfortunately, excessive exposure to such events can result in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), which includes symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety.

Domestic violence can leave a person’s mind in a state of shock. This trauma has the potential to alter your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Furthermore, according to research, victims of domestic abuse have lower self-esteem. They have the delusory belief that the outside world will no longer accept and favor them, so they withdraw and wallow in low self-esteem

Domestic abuse legal help

Many victims are unaware that they have options. Anyone who has been a victim of domestic violence can seek help by calling an abuse hotline or contacting one of the domestic violence agencies or organizations listed above. When filing a police report or seeking a restraining order, it’s critical to have an attorney on your side.

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